OMM Heating Elements is devotedly manufacturing Heating Elements in compliance with International Quality Standards. Mr. Harpreet Singh, Founder and MD of OMM Heating Elements, is a pioneer of his dream to attain the best level of satisfaction by providing a great level of customer equilibrium. Now, our whole team of engineers and workers become sailors of this dream by designing and manufacturing Industrial and Commercial Heaters.

OMM Heating Elements is a prominent manufacturer of different types of Heaters which have great potential to match the benchmark of your requirements. We are working with uncompromised devotion to develop various types of Heaters with new efficient designs for Commercial and Industrial use.

OMM Heating Elements under leadership of our MD Mr. Harpreet gives priority to customer satisfaction and fulfilling maximum requirements of customers while designing and manufacturing the Industrial Heating Elements. We believe in illuminating accurate information of our products in front of you, hence we have provided the technical data and additional specifications of our products in our website’s category and product pages for your quick and ready reference.

In Technical Data and Additional specifications sections in various product pages we have collated details like material like metal or alloys used, dimensions, voltage and wattage specifications and last but not the least the final sizes of finished products.

The List of all product pages with respective links are as follows:

  • Water Immersion Heater
  • Chemical Immersion Heater
  • Oil Immersion Heater
  • Solar Water Tank
  • Boiler Immersion Heater
  • Tubular Air Heater
  • FIN Tubular Heater
  • Oven Heater
  • DUCT Heater
  • High Density Cartridge Heater
  • Low Density Cartridge Heater
  • Aluminium Casting Heater
  • Brass Casting Heater
  • Ceramic Band Heater
  • MICA Band Heater
  • Strip Mica Band Heater
  • Corrugation Machine Heater
  • Heat Trace Cable
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Our Mission & Vision

Efficient And Reliable Manufacturing

We challenged ourselves to provide you with functional, economical, ecological and qualitative satisfaction.
Our Mission is to provide you with best Industrial and Commercial Heaters which are:

  • Cost Effective
  • Highly Durable
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Easily Accessible
  • Specifically Customised
  • Standard Quality Products
  • Technically Well Designed

We have multiple categories which are further classified as various products Link for catalogue.

Cost Effective

Our heating elements are ecological and cost effective.

Highly Durable

Our skilfully designed heaters possess the quality of being highly durable.

Quality Products

Our heating elements are of International Quality Standards.