Air Heaters are high-powered and efficient equipment. They can heat large volumes of air and other gases. OMM Heating Elements provide you with Air Heaters which are sheathed in a metal tube (S.S 304 / SS316 or INCOLY as per requirements). The heating Element is compressed with high grade insulation powder for excellent transmission of heat. It is supplied with adjustable brackets and heavy duty Brass terminals. Heavy-duty Industrial and process Duct Air Heaters are manufactured for long life & durability.

We provide Air Heaters of Four Types:

  • Tubular Air Heater
  • Fin Tubular Heater
  • Oven Heater
  • Duct Heaters For Air Drawing Applications

Technical Data:

  • Head Material:- Brass
  • Head type Screw-In Thread type
  • Element Diameter 6,25mm; 8,5mm
  • Sheath Material Copper or Stainless Steel
  • Head dimension 1″ 1/4; 1″ 1/2; 1″ 3/4; 2″; 2
  • Number of Elements over one Flange Up to 3
  • Nominal power > According to Customer specification
  • Shape and Dimension According to Customer specification
  • Nominal tension 110; 127; 220; 230; 240V single phase; 400V 3-phase
  • Sheath Diameter Ø 8mm or 10mm -Sheath Length According to Customer specification
Cost effective Porcelain Air Heaters by OMM Heating Elements

Porcelain Air Heaters

Porcelain Air Heaters by OMM Heating Elements are known for their high performance and durability. These Heaters are manufactured by using several refractory ceramic blocks assembled together to get the required length. With a terminal block at one end, the Nichrome wire heating element is inserted into the ceramic blocks.

Air Oven Heaters for Industrial and Commercial Purposes

Oven Heaters

Oven Heater is powered by Incoloy sheathed heating elements. Industrial oven is a heated chamber that is used for a variety of Industrial Applications including drying, curing, and baking components.

Best and durable Air Duct Heaters for Industrial Use

DUCT Heaters

OMM Heating Elements are the Manufacturer of supreme quality Air Duct Heaters which can be mounted in any direction. Our choice of material and construction designs makes our products more durable and sturdy.