Band Heaters are mostly used to heat cylindrical surfaces. OMM Heating Elements manufactures several construction ways to perform under various uncertain operating environments. These Heaters provide effective and efficient indirect heat that is the most common requirement hence, this Type of Heaters are in high demand in the Band Heater Industry. Our designs are skilful and can be Customised as per the requirements of our clients.

OMM Heating Elements offers a variety of band heaters to accommodate any cylindrical application.

There are Three Types of Band Heaters:

  • Ceramic Band Heater
  • Mica Band Heater
  • Strip Mica Heater


  • Blow-Moulding
  • Plastic Extrusion
  • Container & Pipe Heating
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Industry
  • Tank Heating

Technical Data

  • Stainless Steel Jacket
  • Minimum Diameter: 2″
  • Built-in Ceramic insulating Mat
  • Outside Shell temperature: 350°-450°F
  • Inside medium-high temperature Heaters up to 1200°F
  • Nickel-Chrome wire in a outer wall composed of interlocking Ceramic Tiles
OMM Heating Elements provide good quality Mica Band Heaters

Mica Band Heaters

The Mica Band Heater designed by OMM Heating Elements is a reliable Mica Insulated Band Heater that can perform at the higher operating temperatures [up to 900°F (482°C)]. It provides durable and efficient service. These Heaters are economical solutions to the heating requirements of many Applications.