Best Brass Casting Heaters for Industries and Commercial Use

OMM Heating Elements is a well known manufacturer of Brass Casting Heaters. Brass casting heaters are specifically made of brass material to fulfil certain applications. Industrial brass casting Heaters are mostly preferred. Type of Alloy to be casted depends upon the application, max operating temperature & watt density.
We provide skilfully designed heaters with good qualities like uniform heat transfer and durability.


  • Extruders
  • Moulds & Dies
  • Medical Equipments
  • Packaging Machinery
  • Thermoforming Equipment
  • Injection and Blow Moulding

Technical Specifications

  • Head Material:- Brass
  • Head type Screw-In Thread type
  • Element Diameter 6,25mm; 8,5mm
  • Sheath Material Copper or Stainless Steel
  • Head dimension 1″ 1/4; 1″ 1/2; 1″ 3/4; 2″; 2
  • Number of Elements over one Flange Up to 3
  • Nominal power > According to Customer specification
  • Shape and Dimension According to Customer specification
  • Nominal tension 110; 127; 220; 230; 240V single phase; 400V 3-phase
  • Sheath Diameter Ø 8mm or 10mm -Sheath Length According to Customer specification

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