The Casting Heaters contain a formed Cable or Tubular Heater cast into Aluminium. Casting Heater is basically a heated part that can be conceptualised and integrated as a component in the various types of equipment such as hot melt Adhesive systems, food service, medical, packaging, paint spraying, semiconductor, and process pipelines. Casting Heaters are used in high-temperature Applications.

OMM Heating Elements Manufacture Casting Heaters comprising safe and efficient integrated solution for gas (O2, Ar, N2) heating process and corrosive fluids heating process. High pressure and low flow rate exist in Casting Heaters.

OMM Heating Elements supplies Two types of Casting Heaters:

  • Aluminium Casting Heaters
  • Brass Casting Heaters


  • Nozzles
  • Extruders
  • Heat Dies
  • Aluminum & Metal
  • Heating Plates for Presses
  • Extruder Dies and Sheaths
  • Mills
  • Nozzles
  • Homogeneous Heating
  • Heating Plates for Rubber
  • Sealing on Packaging Lines
  • Heating Plates for Aerated Concrete Curing