For Industrial and Commercial Use Chemical Immersion Heaters

Chemical Immersion Heaters are made out of corrosion resistant metals and are the best way to heat corrosive chemicals through direct contact. These Heaters are skillfully designed for Industrial Purposes. Chemical Immersion heaters are used to heat highly corrosive liquids, chemical solutions and acids.

OMM Heating Elements manufacture an advanced version of qualitative Chemical Immersion Heaters made out of Chrome, Nickel and Stainless Steel tube. These Heaters are used for Alkaline cleaning solution, Citrus juices and very mild Acid bath not corrosive to Stainless Steel Sheet.

OMM Heating Elements provides three types of Chemical Immersion Heaters:

  • Alkaline Immersion Heaters: These are used for mostly Alkaline cleaning solutions which are corrosive to mild Steel in nature.
  • Lead Covered Immersion Heaters: Lead covered immersion heaters are recommended for Nickel, Copper or Chrome, Gold and Silver plating baths including Ferric and Iron Chloride solution; bright dips and nickels containing nitric, Phosphoric and Chromic acids; permagnates, persulphates and sulphuric acid solution specifically having not more than 10% concentration.
  • Titanium Heaters: Chemical Heaters are made of Titanium tube offering excellent corrosion resistance for most plating solutions. Our newfangled Customised Heaters are made with phenomenal quality raw material and goes through strict quality testing before procurement available for use at rational prices.


  • Oils
  • Chemical Baths
  • High-purity Water
  • Caustic Cleaners
  • Liquid Paraffin
  • Glycol solutions
  • Process Water and Clean-water

Technical Specifications

  • Head Material:- Brass
  • Head type Screw-In Thread type
  • Element Diameter 6,25mm; 8,5mm
  • Sheath Material Copper or Stainless Steel
  • Head dimension 1″ 1/4; 1″ 1/2; 1″ 3/4; 2″; 2
  • Number of Elements over one Flange Up to 3
  • Nominal power > According to Customer specification
  • Shape and Dimension According to Customer specification
  • Nominal tension 110; 127; 220; 230; 240V single phase; 400V 3-phase
  • Sheath Diameter Ø 8mm or 10mm -Sheath Length According to Customer specification

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