Heat Trace Cables for Commercial and Industrial Purposes

Heat Trace Cable is an advanced technology, and it is used in different types of Industries. OMM Heating Elements is Manufacturer of Heat Trace Cables, we design and supply electrical heat tracing systems for temperature management process in Commercial and Industrial Applications

We also provide Heat Trace Cables for hazardous area Applications. Heat Trace Cables are helpful to prevent effects of heat dissolution from the process pipe and equipment through its insulation (if any).

This heat loss paves a way for drop in temperature, which gives rise to unacceptable consequences such as frozen pipes, reduced fluid viscosity, etc. The use of Heat Trace Cable replaces the lost heat, maintaining the necessary temperature through the Application of the required watts.


  • Drains
  • Asphalt Plants
  • Freeze Protection
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Explosive Environments
  • Corrosive Environments
  • Mid-Temperature Control
  • Chemical Processing Plants
  • Mines
  • Pipelines
  • Pulp Mills
  • Paper Mills
  • Oil Refineries
  • Safety Showers
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Severe Arctic Cold
  • Water Lines/Condensate Return Lines

Technical Specifications

  • Diameters of Tubes available: 11 mm & 13.5 mm.
  • Sheath Material: S.S 304 & INC 800.
  • Available In 28″ 32″, 36″, 42″ 46″,52″,62″,72″ oblique and vertical design, as per the customer specification.
  • Consists of 9 heating rods in the star connected for three phase supply.
  • These Heaters are available in different ratings as per the size of the Machine.