Air Oven Heaters for Industrial and Commercial Purposes

Oven Heater is powered by Incoloy sheathed heating elements. Industrial oven is a heated chamber that is used for a variety of Industrial Applications including drying, curing, and baking components. An Industrial Oven is a heated chamber that is used for a range of different heat treatment processes.

Industrial Ovens have a wide range of applications in countless Industries, such as manufacturing, electronics, food and beverage, medicine and healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemical, research and development, plastics, aerospace, automotive and metalforming. OMM Heating Elements consider a wide variety of important factors while designing Customised Oven Heaters for the customers.


  • Tubing
  • Medicine
  • Steel Coils
  • Electronics
  • Automotive parts
  • Building Materials
  • Food
  • Fuel Cells
  • Beverage
  • Carpeting
  • Electronics
  • Textiles Manufacturing

Technical Specifications

  • Material used SS 304, SS 316, INCOLOY 800, SS 310
  • Tube Diameter: 6MM, 8MM, 10MM, 11MM, 14MM, 16MM
  • Supply Voltage varies from 74V to 240V/AC/1PH/50-60Hz.

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