Industrial Use Packing Machine Heaters by OMM Heating Elements

OMM Heating Elements manufacture Packing Machine Heaters that are especially designed and are available in different wattage. These Heaters are highly appreciated owing to their functionality as well as count on performance, durability and International standard quality.

Our Packing Machine Heaters are known for their cost effective, ecological, technical and customisation capability traits.


  • Packaging Industry
  • Bushings industries
  • Die industries
  • Plates industries
  • Shoe industries
  • Food Packaging

Technical Specifications

  • Diameters of Tubes available: 11 mm & 13.5 mm.
  • Sheath Material: S.S 304 & INC 800.
  • Available In 28″ 32″, 36″, 42″ 46″,52″,62″,72″ oblique and vertical design, as per the customer specification.
  • Consists of 9 heating rods in the star connected for three phase supply.
  • These Heaters are available in different ratings as per the size of the Machine.