Cost effective Porcelain Air Heaters by OMM Heating Elements

OMM Heating Elements manufacturer of Porcelain Air Heaters from high temperature bearing insulators. Porcelain Heater contains elements that are exposed partially in air for better transmission of heat and are of replaceable type. Porcelain Heater is mostly used in ovens and in tanks where draining cannot is not possible to change the heaters respectively. 

Porcelain Air Heaters by OMM Heating Elements are known for their high performance and durability. These Heaters are manufactured by using several refractory ceramic blocks assembled together to get the required length. With a terminal block at one end, the Nichrome wire heating element is inserted into the ceramic blocks.

Our Industrial and commercial Porcelain Heaters are used in various types of industries and are able to work on different temperatures to meet diverse application requirements of buyers. 

Other Features of Porcelain Heaters are unmatched resistance to corrosion, impeccable functionality, superior functional life, appropriate for horizontal as well as vertical operation, screw plug option, high precision, enhanced performance, robustness, metal sheathed fixtures, stainless steel emitter strip, quartz tube elements.


  • Geyser
  • Oil heating
  • Water heating
  • Chemical heating
  • Food Processing.
  • Calibration Bath Heating
  • Injection Molding Manifold.
  • Beverage Packing Machine.

Technical Specifications

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