Water Immersion Heaters for Industrial and Commercial Purposes

OMM Heating Elements are one of the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of Custom designed Industrial Water Immersion Heaters. We are known among our clients for proficient and sturdy design of our Heaters along with high conductivity and superior performance at element bending.
We provide Water Immersion Heaters, in compliance with International Quality Standards and are available at competitive prices.

Supplemental design specifications of our Water Immersion heaters are Copper Tube with Nickel Chrome Plating, Heating element brazed to a Brass flange provided with earthing terminals and a metallic cap for protection of the terminals. We produce durable and qualitative metal sheath Tube made of Incoloy, Stainless Steel and Copper with high grade insulation powder for better transmission of heat. Designed according to the requirements of our clients. OMM Heating Elements provide Water Immersion Heaters available in all sizes, watts, volts.


  • Geysers
  • Coffee Urns
  • Washing Machines
  • Water Jacketed Apparatus
  • Light Duty (intermittent) Boilers
  • Side-arm Circulating Process Tanks
  • Heavy-duty Industrial Hot Water Baths
  • Sterilizers
  • Freeze Protection
  • Boiler Equipment
  • Hot Water Storage Tanks
  • Food Processing Units
  • Warming Equipments

and for other Commercial Purposes.

Technical Specifications

  • Head Material:- Brass
  • Head type Screw-In Thread type
  • Element Diameter 6,25mm; 8,5mm
  • Sheath Material Copper or Stainless Steel
  • Head dimension 1″ 1/4; 1″ 1/2; 1″ 3/4; 2″; 2
  • Number of Elements over one Flange Up to 3
  • Nominal power > According to Customer specification
  • Shape and Dimension According to Customer specification
  • Nominal tension 110; 127; 220; 230; 240V single phase; 400V 3-phase
  • Sheath Diameter Ø 8mm or 10mm -Sheath Length According to Customer specification

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